Friday, 14 September 2012

Adventurous Amsterdam.

Hookers. Cannabis. Clogs. OK maybe not so many clogs, but that's what I thought I'd find when I arrived in Amsterdam. In reality though, there is so much more to this little city. Beyond the tourist traps of the Red Light District, Amsterdam has plenty of pretty canals lined with charming cafes/bars and quirky sites to behold. 

Don't Miss  Even if you are going to Amsterdam for a wild one you should make it your priority to go to Anne Frank's house. There is a reason why there are queues around the corner till the early evening. The visit is truly humbling and really puts a lot into perspective. 

Hungry? Try Alfonso's on Uterechsestratt for authentic and reasonably priced mexican food.  

Nightlife Cast aside the Red Light District and head to Rembrandtplein, a lively square of bars cafes and coffee shops with a good atmosphere. Even better, head to the House of Bols before hand. An interactive cocktail museum includes two shots and a cocktail in your ticket price! See last picture.  

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